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  1. Hello Mr. Hughes,

    I am graduating in a few days with a degree in Theatre, Film, and Digital Production, and have recently signed on with a teacher’s training internship organization called Teach for America. While sharing my vision of wanting to make films with positive African-American role models, the host of my workshop, Dr. R. Sallee thought you would be the perfect person for me to connect with. She shared your website, and I am so glad to have discovered you, today. I have viewed several of the videos on your portfolio page and I really enjoyed it. I can tell we share a lot in common.

    I hope this contact finds you safe and well. I look forward to making your acquaintance.

    Kurt W.

    1. Cool stuff, Kurt. And congratulations on graduating! Dr. Sallee is such a blessing of a person. Stay in touch.

  2. Are you coming to Sacramento? Where is this event that is coming up now

    1. Hello, Sinetta. This event is in Oakland’s Jack London Square. I won’t be coming to Sacramento anytime soon.

  3. When will you be performing in the Bay Area again?
    I’m looking forward to seeing your show.


    1. Hello, Vanessa! Most likely in the summer but I doubt it will be my one-man show. I will add your email to my mailing list and keep you posted however.

  4. I’m looking forward to seeing your one man show. At least 3 people told me how good it is. See you on Saturday!

    1. Hey, Mike. I should be performing in the first two months of the new year. Thanks for asking and please stay tuned!