Brandon Hughes is a multi-hyphenate producer/writer/director/performer from Oakland, CA. He graduated on the Dean’s list from the UCLA School of Theater, Film, and Television. He was also a commencement speaker at his graduation! (View graduation speech under SHORTS/VIDEOS/INTERVIEWS).

For over a decade, Brandon has been an artist-in-residence in several schools where he’s taught classes and workshops on Creative Writing, and an Introduction to Directing for Film. Lately, Brandon has been producing/directing/writing for clients, as well as writing and directing short films under his company, Brandon Hughes Productions. (See: SHORTS/VIDEOS/INTERVIEWS.)

Brandon is also a playwright. He’s directed, produced, and workshopped his plays like “Tracey’s Shop” and had a reading of “The Last Poem” in 2019, a play he wrote while attending UCLA. He is also the author of The Man Behind The Curtain, a novel used in several middle and high school classrooms. (See: BOOKS)

“Brandon Hughes writes with love and as if the world depends upon him . . . . He has an ear for dialogue and is a powerful storyteller.”
—Mark Greenside, author of I’ll Never Be French (no matter what I do)

Perhaps Brandon Hughes is most notable for his one-man show, The Absent Father, the Wayward Son, which he wrote, directed, and performs in. Synopsis: David learned the father he never met was spending the night in his house for years while he slept. He tells how his life would’ve been different had his father just woke him up. The Absent Father, the Wayward Son is a story about love, repentance, forgiveness, and redemption.

“When the dad you’ve never met sleeps under your roof.” —Sacramento Bee

The Absent Father, the Wayward Son11698643_10207148196531702_8140914005769778943_n

“Thought-provoking!” —USF Prof. James Taylor

Theater patrons:
“This is precisely what brilliance looks like!. . . . I’m hooked now!”

“Wow, I just witnessed the genius of Mr. Brandon Hughes….INCREDIBLE!”  If you haven’t witnessed him for yourself, wait no longer: GO SEE THE NEXT SHOW!”

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