Works produced, directed, & co-written by Brandon Hughes

(Brandon Hughes speaks at his commencement–20:30 mark; walks across stage at 31:30)

Celebrating the 10TH ANNIVERSARY of
Brandon Hughes’ novel “THE MAN BEHIND THE CURTAIN”
(Brandon Hughes visits a class @ Montera Middle School in Oakland)

(“The Absent Father, the Wayward Son” TRAILER)

“When the dad you’ve never met sleeps under your roof.” —Sacramento Bee

26 thoughts on “Works produced, directed, & co-written by Brandon Hughes

  1. The story is brilliant. The delivery is outstanding. The introduction and transformation from character to character is spot on. A rollercoaster ride of every emotion, with comedic elements delivered just in time. I love DeeDee (the mother). She’s hilarious! One hell of a show!

  2. When I say this is a must see it is…. My goodness this man has outdone himself w/this production…. I can’t wait to go see the next thing….

  3. The experience at Brandon’s one-man show was fulfilling, uplifting, humorous, refreshing, and honest to what many experience in their lives. I enjoyed myself thoroughly and would go again.

    1. How’bout that! Thanks, Amber. I appreciate you and your husband’s presence. I enjoyed you guys perhaps as much as you enjoyed me: The audience was awesome!

  4. Sound similar but mom didnt share would love to see it but having problems you know 911 veteran with kids now in foster care really hard two other kids is why i joined if you need insperation on system of califorina just for repuducing your own human lifes i would love to share before my life is taken from me once again i would love to att end your show mabey it could help me money is the problem

  5. I have seen this play for the 1st time tonight and brought my 24 year old son with me. We enjoy it from start to finishe. Well done Mr. Hughes.

  6. This was and excellent one man show. Mr. Hughes did an excellent job and I have made recommendations to friends to go and check it out.

  7. Show last night at the Guild and still thinking about DayDay this morning. Really cool describing to my boys how you shifted body and voice in to so many characters, effortlessly for our imaginations. Mostly, still wrapping my brain around what you said — this is your first full production. Leaves me sure we got a glimpse of greatness about to go bigger. That kind of writing — wow. Thank you!!

  8. A friend and I were lucky enough to experience your performance last night at The Guild. The play was warm, funny, profound and touching. I was taken to a place where I was entranced in the story, very emotionally moved and felt like I was the only person in the audience. The timing, lighting, music and stage presence were put together beautifully.

    I can’t thank you enough for putting together such a wonderful piece. My friend and I both very much can relate to the absence of a father figure. I know my buddy teared up a few times during the show. It was an event I will carry with me. I’ll be following your work hopefully seeing more things from you soon.

    Thank you for your contribution to an important subject. I’ll be taking my folks on Sunday and picking up your book.

    Eric H.

  9. Mr. Hughes,
    Not sure if my message I wrote last Tuesday was sent. Your performance was awesome. The cast, settings, offering Amos Temple, ReRe were all wonderful. ReRe could have done a B selection! Please add me to feature events,
    Thank you.
    Countess (Carwash)

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