Black horror films and such

I haven’t watched the movie “Eve’s Bayou” in years. When I did, I was not particularly moved by anything as I was this time around. It is a well-done movie, and kudos to Kasi for doin’ her thang. The actors were gave solid performances, especially the young Jurnee Smollett (now Smollett-Bell). Just terrific! Every performer brought their acting chops. Sam Jackson, of course, was brilliant. His character was not necessarily a bad man, but one with a vice that caused heartache to his family and soon to a man of another family. I saw no evil character in the picture, just folks acting on impulse at certain times, doing things which they ought not do.
“Tales from the Hood” was another movie I saw years ago. Again, I was young, and the movie didn’t leave any impression on me the way it has this time around. The first vignette, where the white cops beat on the councilman, is hard to watch. I hated to see it. Hated to feel it. And I couldn’t stand that the black cop who never looked up from the computer because he was too busy checking out who the man was. The imbecile! That brother was lost long before he ever joined the force. Easily persuaded. He was punished for not being proactive when the time came. I wish a lot of these brothers on the force in real life would be more proactive. Instead of commenting at their dinner tables and speaking behind closed doors—stand in front of the door. Get on the rooftop and make your statement of what you know is unjust, even if these incidents did not happen in your city. Don’t come out later defending the police, talking about “Yeah, police get a bad rap.” They have black police associations across America. Why don’t they say something? Ah, because who wants to call out their “own”? Who wants to receive the backlash from their own for calling out their own? Ah! But isn’t it this way with everything, and everybody? Who calls out their own? Who actually speaks against a group they’re a part of and still remain in the group? The whole thang is foul. The whole thang. It brings me to a concept for a film I came up with a few years ago. I plan to execute this concept for my final project in Prof. Due’s class. Stay tuned, I pray thee.