I saw the movie Beloved years ago when it was first released. I remember Oprah and the cast of the movie on her The Oprah Winfrey Show. The thing I remember most is that the cast kept crying when explaining how they felt making the movie. It was apparent the movie meant something special to […]

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Blacula and nem

I recently watched the movie “Blacula” for my class at UCLA called The Sunken Place: Racism, Survival & the Black Horror Aesthetic. I started off liking the movie because it started off on the good foot. The opening contained great dialogue and initially focused on an honorable man, an African prince named Mamuwalde and his […]

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Black horror films and such

I haven’t watched the movie “Eve’s Bayou” in years. When I did, I was not particularly moved by anything as I was this time around. It is a well-done movie, and kudos to Kasi for doin’ her thang. The actors were gave solid performances, especially the young Jurnee Smollett (now Smollett-Bell). Just terrific! Every performer […]

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My movie project and Peele

I’m in between ideas as far as my final project. I wrote a 10-page screenplay this summer that can be considered a thriller/horror but I’m not sure if I want to film that one or one of two other ideas. I appreciate moments like these, which happen often. I generally hear people say they don’t […]

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The New Black Boy

So I grew up in Oakland, CA in a Black neighborhood. We never said “predominately Black” even if there were a sprinkle of other races. We certainly believed those in the sprinkle considered themselves to be living in a Black neighborhood, not a predominately Black one. When I was twelve-years-old, my mother moved her four […]

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