Afro-futurism blog #3

“You’re the magician. Pull me back to gather again the way you cut me in half. Make the woman in doubt disappear.”—Beyoncé
The above quote from Beyoncé’s song “All Night” points out that someone else has a powerful impact on the speaker. It says this person, perhaps loved, is certainly trusted. No one would say “pull me back together again” after being cut in half if they would not agree to being cut in half in the first place. In other words, if they did not trust the magician. Her life, for however long the act is, is in the magician’s hand. What has the other person, the “magician,” done to deserve their trust? How has this person cared for the other? Loved the other? They’ve done something, proved themselves somehow, to earn that trust.
Everybody in a relationship wants to be able to trust the other person. Everybody wants, even if they say they don’t want, to be vulnerable without being judged. They want to be heard and cared for. They want to know their voice, thoughts, opinions, are valued. Only then can they be vulnerable enough to reveal their doubts, which will come out in their voice, thoughts, and opinions. Only then can they trust and ask someone to make their doubts disappear.
Another quote from the song is, “I found the truth beneath your lies. And true love never has to hide.” Mm. Within the first sentence this person is already saying I know you. I know you well enough to know what you are really saying but are afraid to say. The second sentence, “true love never has to hide,” points out the flaw the other person has is an unnecessary one. This quote and the one is the previous paragraph go together. Trust, again, is in the forefront of this relationship. Sometimes people don’t realize what they have in a relationship, or who they have in their corner. They can miss the whole thing by focusing on what an experience has taught them previously. This can hinder a relationship. But a person who is understanding and patient and realizes this, can help in this arena of their life. And when the person who apparently has trust issues, or other issues leading back to a lack of being vulnerable, they may come around and see the sun for the first time. And begin to understand it was there the whole time. Hidden in plain sight.